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    Monday, June 22nd, 2015
    1:24 pm
    Drawing day
    Time for Fred to get ahead on that comic he draws.

    The girls were finally kicked out of bed after 1:00 pm. No idea what time they finally went to bed last night.

    The little fix Fred had to do on the pool was not very easy after all, but accidentally sticking a couple of fingernails into the tube of silicone sealant really didn't help. Then losing two of the screws intended to hold the skimmer onto the pool's side into the water were just added frustration. At least the temperature was down around cool enough to not sweat the pool full again.

    That's all done now, the silicon is dried, & pool refill has commenced. We only need to refill about 6 inches worth.

    Current Mood: satisfied
    Sunday, June 21st, 2015
    11:12 am
    It's too darn hot
    Temps are supposed to hit the high 90's today, which means that we'll likely see 3 digits.

    The pool is working but I need to go attack the jungle between the ladder & the lawn. Good thing I have a machete, & a pith helmet.
    Saturday, June 20th, 2015
    3:47 pm
    Hello from the Ghost town
    Just checking whether Live Journal still works for us. They dinked with the interface a bit and although this is connected to a facebook account, unless I log in here, it doesn't know me.
    Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
    5:58 pm
    Denver Comic Con rant
    Back in March, the 29th according to our records, we were at a local Con called Anomaly Con & found a table there selling tickets to the Denver Comic Con for what still seemed reasonable prices. Good enough, I bought 4 such tix & slipped them inside the cover of my iPad case (a normally safe enough carrying place for paper stuff) & figured to transfer them to a designated, pre-determined, safe place when we got home.

    For whatever reason they were not in any of the designated safe places I may have placed such tickets. Neither were they in the iPad case where I last remember them. So, I got on the Denver Comic Con website & I tried to find a phone number with which to call & ask for what my options are. The only number I can find isn't answering their phone during business hours, in the afternoon, on a Monday. Didn't feel too good about that, but I left a message with my name spelled out, my phone number clearly enunciated & the simple request to know what my options may be.

    Tuesday I hear nothing.

    Wednesday (today) I decide that we aren't going to hear from them & I went back on-line & purchased tix for the one day of ComicCon which was still available. Sunday. These tickets cost almost as much as I had paid for the full weekend before April 1º & they will still be waiting for us in "Will Call" instead of being mailed to us. There was, on the receipt, an 800 number which was different than the 720 number which I'd called earlier & hadn't heard any reply from as yet, so I thought that I'd call it.

    In a more normally confused instance than normal of the left hand & the right hand being uncommunicative with each other I learned over the course of 3 separate phone calls that (& it really took that many for the news that I had bought the tickets at a physical location to get across to the nice people at "Brown Paper Tickets", I recommend thinking twice before buying from them in the future) because I had bought the tickets from a physical location, directly from the Denver Comic Con people that they had absolutely no records available to them of my earlier purchase. It really took them 3 calls to figure that out.

    I have never run a convention before, but it seemed to me before this all started that, if I was going to have a service selling tickets for me, there should be a central location for keeping track of how many were bought when & where & that the service should have some form of access to those records. Obviously I was wrong. But I was also wrong in believing that these people may have some sense of where their living comes from. The first person I spoke with made me think that the full weekend tix had been located & the receipt would be mailed to me & that the replacement tix would be waiting at "Will Call," which would be good & acceptable & I would be singing their praises to the second highest heavens right now. But what I got in the e-mail was the exact same receipt I had received earlier for the Sunday tix.

    I figured there had to be a mistake here, so I called again. This guy didn't even imply that he had found records of my earlier purchase, what do I mean that I had bought weekend tickets back in March. There's no such records. (this, note, after repeating, again, that I had bought the tickets at Anomaly Con)

    The third time I got the same guy who tried to patiently explain that my records were not in his files so I could not have purchased those tickets. I asked for his boss. Boss, a guy named Ryan, (Yay, someone finally told me their name!!!) listened to my now well worn tale & finally HE twigged on the Anomaly Con tidbit. This service was not, in any way, involved in those particular tickets sales. I needed to call the Comic Con people themselves. While he & I were talking and finally coming to something resembling an understanding (He'd never heard of anybody providing such records as are stored in a central location with any ticket service, but agreed it was a brilliant idea, & he will push for same in the future. Personally I just thought it blindingly obvious.) he provided me with a slightly different number than the web page had for contacting the Comic Con people.

    Did I mention that it was now after 5:00? No? Blast, that was going to come up earlier. The chimes rang whilst I chatted with Ryan.

    So, where we stand right now: I've got one day tickets waiting at "Will Call" for Sunday. I've got an as-well-crafted-message-as-I-could-make waiting on the Comic Con answering machine, telling them to call me ASAP and not to worry about waking me up. I still want to know what my options are. & R is threatening to drag me out to dinner tonight. JP's veggie Pad Thai (made without fish sauce, thank you) is sounding real good right about now.

    & I still want to know if we're ever going to see any return on that $228 we spent in March.

    Current Mood: Powerfully miffed
    Monday, April 21st, 2014
    11:32 am
    Control issues?
    The lady, whose dog was running around off the leash, had the nerve to tell me I should control my dog (who was still on the leash & at least 5X her dog's size) when the little yapper lit into my dog, & got well chewed up in defense. I had called ahead & warned her that my dog was unpredictable with regards to other dogs, & she declared her dog was a real sweety who wouldn't hurt anybody. I informed her that I wasn't worried (as it turned out I should have been) about her dog attacking mine.

    After a bit of negotiation I decided to risk walking past her with Bingo's leash pulled short. Then, with almost no warning, we were attacked.

    I was concerned for the little dog's safety until its person similarly lit into me about controlling my dog. "Lady, YOUR dog attacked mine." "He never does that! Why should he now?" "Ma'am, were you watching? Your dog, who was not leashed, ran about ten feet (about 11x its length) to attack mine, who was. I think that YOU need to control your dog better. And further I suspect that you need to get your head back into daylight to see that your little sweetie just tried to suicide."

    We left each other, she carrying her bleeding baby, & Bingo walking proudly. We never traded personal data. She never asked, I never volunteered.

    I'm wondering what her kids (if any) are like.

    Current Mood: wary
    Thursday, January 2nd, 2014
    3:00 pm
    Feeling better
    and we had a brush of snow overnight. AND I actually got around 6 hours of sleep (Fred), I haven't really done that in 2 weeks or so. (There's nothing like stress for the holidays...?)

    But somehow it's already January second. What happened?

    Current Mood: drained
    Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
    10:08 pm
    Not feeling my best (NY post)
    Fred here: Both R & I are feeling a bit under the weather, so we're staying home tonight. T went to the NY bash next door, & M is happy playing sims so...

    I have a mega stuffy nose with concomitant migraine which made it impossible to sleep last night. R just has the very stuffy nose.

    So a Happy New Year to the rest of you & I'm going to bed now.

    Current Mood: sick
    Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
    9:56 pm
    A thank you to Kay Shapiro
    I think, that when she sees this she will know why.

    I had been wondering what this Year's filler was going to be. :D
    Sunday, December 8th, 2013
    3:26 pm
    Today we put up the tree
    while singing the song kayshapero just got published in Xeno. (Gloria in excelsis Deo, TTTO "The Banana Boat Song") I told Tammy she should see if she can get the whole school bus singing it this week.
    Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
    9:10 am
    Something isn't quite right
    We had our office "Holiday" (Christmas) party last night. Daylight Saving Time (aka "Summer Time") ends tonight.
    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
    2:21 am
    It's the mother thing
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    Monday, July 29th, 2013
    6:38 am
    Calling all Geek Friends (Robin's post on LJ)
    Fred has an iPad. Somehow, the "Contacts" app has been reinitialized. Everything is blank; there are no entries. No other apps are affected. It would be lovely if someone could tell us how the contact information might be restored -- some things were nowhere else. Alternatively, an explanation of how to prevent it happening again (or how to back it up to another machine or cloud memory) would be appreciated.

    Thursday, July 25th, 2013
    12:52 pm
    Saturday, June 15th, 2013
    11:09 pm
    Early Father's Day
    I decided that I wanted to go to the local water/theme park & eat at an Ethiopian restaurant for father's day. But I didn't want to go to the park when other father's were thinking of floating the lazy river, or riding the carousel, so we went today.

    Tix were predictably expensive, If I could guarantee that we would go more than 3 times in a season I might have gotten season passes, but... The kids had their own agendas, we almost had to force them out of the house at gunpoint (we are lacking in the gun department, otherwise I may have been tempted). The park was predictably crowded, enough so that we kept bumping into strangers because avoiding them would have been more difficult. & Tammy didn't want to go swimming, while Mindy refused sunblock of any sort, & Robin couldn't find her good walking shoes.

    But we still had fun.

    Afterwards we headed off to one of the two Ethiopian places on Colfax, by the University, & just down the block from a Tattered Cover bookstore. Since the kids are not fans of "Food with flavor©" but are inveterate readers I asked them if we should leave them at the bookstore & come back after dinner. This they greeted with unmitigated enthusiasm.

    We've never been inside of the Colfax branch of Tattered Cover, but I want my house to look something like that. The place felt to be about the size of a typical supermarket, & it was all books, books & did I mention the books.

    The dinner was good, the restaurant was not busy (it was a bit early) & it rained a bit as we walked the 2 blocks back to the store. (Something I hope that the firefighters down south of us got much more of) & then we started to explore the BOOKSTORE.

    Sigh! So many books, so little shelf-space left. It took us another hour to get out of the store, & we were good, we only bought $80 worth of literature.

    Going home I thought that University Avenue was just to the East of us, a short ways. That would have been a fairly direct route back to Terra Cognita, Except that it wasn't. A short ways I mean. We went about 2 miles before we found a N/S street we recognized & then that turned into a street which we didn't at some point when we didn't see it change & I was afraid that we were going to be lost when we found ourselves someplace which I recognized; driving past the Micro-Center, computer store.

    Needless to say, we are home safe after our grand adventure & the cat had the chance to lay on my chest and dream kitty dreams into my chin. & the kids are now in bed (hopefully) dreaming kid dreams into their pillows. & it's time for R & I to go dream parent dreams into each others ears. Tomorrow I have other things I want/need to do.

    Until then, Stay safe. & to them what gets it, Happy Father's day.

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
    12:07 pm
    What a way to wake up.
    Tammy (the family's night owl) needs to be out of the house by 7:00 to catch her school bus. We've sort of gotten used to that & don't worry much if we hear banging & whatnot in the kitchen before 6:00 AM. But hearing her yelling that the lights were not working in the kitchen was a new twist. Then she added that the lights were not working in the living room, the family room, the basement ... I knew that we had a problem. Just what I needed before the serotonin kicks in.

    And, in fact, ALL of the power in the lower half of the house was off - with 2 notable exceptions: The dryer & the microwave. Due to the existence of instant coffee we were able to caffeinate Robin while I wandered around the house flicking switches in the breaker box & checking all of the GFI plugs I could find. Accomplishing nothing more than assuring myself that the problem was beyond me I called our electrician.

    There's a reason we hang on to this guy; He doesn't try to cheat us. After listening to the complaint & what actions I had thus far taken, he tried a couple of recommendations - none of which worked, & then suggested that perhaps our transformer was going bad. For that we would need to call the power company, & he'll try to swing by this evening, at no cost unless we put him to work, & verify what he can.

    The power company was kind enough to dispatch a guy with a too big of a truck before 9:00. He poked at things, pulled the lid off of the shunt box whacked the side of the house once & then informed me that the problem was somewhere between the Bemment house (3 doors that a way) and the shunt box and buried, as are all phone & power cables in this area. He called for a crew who specializes in such things & drove off to his next emergency, thanking me for the warm instant coffee. He also had put a jump into the system so that we have power (but only 120) to the whole house.

    The seek & find team are now here. They have found the problem to be 2 doors away, but not where it will affect that house. In fact there are four houses currently complaining about inadequate power & the team is waiting for the back hoe so that they can re-landscape the neighbor's yard, fix the problem & hie themselves hence to the next problem on their list.

    So all in all, not a bad day, just a really nasty wake up call. Almost to a par with the toilet is flooding, but not as bad.

    Current Mood: electric
    Monday, May 20th, 2013
    11:59 pm
    Thursday, April 18th, 2013
    8:11 am
    So far, not so good
    It's being that kind of a day.
    Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
    8:44 pm
    No news day
    No news is good news.

    We hope y'all are doing well enough.
    Monday, March 4th, 2013
    2:00 pm
    Had a wonderful time making & listening to music all weekend. Sorry to all of the CA folk who we didn't see but time was just too tight. My (Fred's) throat may have survived that assail on "Space Chantey" on Saturday night & actually be getting better.

    But the kids want to see a few changes for next year T says "more animals" (Which prompted for me the image of a "Music Con & petting zoo") I think that she just likes critters so Seanon bringing her snakes or something ...
    & M wants a gaming room for the older kids.

    Our thanks to all of the incredible talent we got to hear & looking forward to what next year may bring.
    Sunday, January 6th, 2013
    3:26 pm
    Fred's comic has a boutique

    Get your mugs & other odd-dementia here. Let us know if you have any ideas for other items.

    Oh, Doug Berry, I designed you a spare ball cap.
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